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New Destination – Dive Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

14th October 2008

STOP PRESS! Here’s some exciting news for intrepid divers planning their next diving holiday.

Dive The World has added diving in Australia to our growing list of choice destinations for your dive adventures!

Our Australia diving section starts off by offering you the Great Barrier Reef, the most elaborate reef system in the world, stretching over 2,000km along Australia’s north-eastern coast. It is so elaborate that it’s the only structure made up of living organisms visible from space.

What this means to divers is more diving, diversity and opportunities for the new and unusual than what you would have time for in one lifetime.

Diving Australia's Great Barrier Reef - Schooling bigeye trevally

To maximise that lifetime, our Australia dive section brings you everything you need to know about Great Barrier Reef liveaboards, with more info on Great Barrier Reef dive sites than you can shake your dive pointer at, plus a handy Australian tourist guide, with special focus on Cairns tourism.

As always, Dive The World is at the ready to assist you with planning and booking your dive holiday to Australia to experience the splendours of diving the Great Barrier Reef.

For more info or to book Great Barrier Reef liveaboard diving safaris and diving in Australia, contact Dive The World by phoning +66 (0)83 505 7794 or you could send us an email.

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