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My marine education began in 1996 in Jervis Bay, Australia and continued in the Great Barrier Reef and Fiji. I then took a few years out to wear a suit and pretend to be serious but a few years later returned to the world of oceanic academia in South East Asia in 2001. I joined Dive The World having experienced quite a few destinations and have since dived in The Maldives, Galapagos, South Africa, Fiji (again) and all around the coral triangle.

Many of the Dive The World staff have visited these destinations to make sure we know what we are selling. We aim only to sell places where the diving is great and only the operators we know can deliver for our customers. So when customers book with us they reduce the risk of ending up in the hands of cowboys. We all know they are out there. Dive The World have refused to work with some having experienced their operations first-hand.

Find more about me on:

Amazing Snorkelling Innovation

22nd May 2014

Check out this fantastic new snorkel and mask combo

A new mask and snorkel combo

Like many divers I find snorkelling a bit of a nuisance. Why? The whole snorkel leaking, dipping into the water, mouthfuls of brine scenario can vastly reduce the quality of the reef experience. how can you marvel at the creatures of the underwater world when you are busy treading water and coughing and spluttering?

Here is a great video below showing off this new innovation in snorkelling by eliminating the main problems that snorkelling equipment presents. L’introduction – c’est trop longue! …but stick wth it.

This product deserves to take over the world. I wonder could this be adapted for diving? What would be the limitations I wonder….

If you have plans for a diving trip this year contact Dive The World right away on +66 (0)83 505 7794 or send us an email.

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MV Amba – See a new side of the Maldives

20th May 2014

One of the first decisions people make when considering the Maldives is Resort v Liveaboard. For us there is no contest: Liveaboard wins every time. The 2nd question is whether you should choose an itinerary in the central atolls or the outer atolls.

MV Amba liveaboard with here dive tender in the Maldives

Most Maldives liveaboard boats concentrate on the North Male, South Male and Ari Atoll area. There is lots of great diving around here, but it is also easier for the operator to use Male as a start and end point.

So it is little wonder that most liveaboards plough these central waters. However choosing the road less travelled by can make all the difference….

MV Amba is a quality Maldives liveaboard which represents a unique experience, for a number of reasons:
– Maldives Far North Atolls (Haa Alifu Atoll and Haa Dhaalu Atoll)
– Low price for paradise: 7 nights itinerary for only US$ 1,740
– Calmer seas, no other boats on the horizon, no other divers in the water
– Unforgettable seaplane flight over the atolls of the Indian Ocean
– Trips run all year round, Sunday to Sunday.

Relaxing on MV Amba's shaded upper deck after glorious Maldives diving Includes: Cabin accommodation with air-conditioning, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, drinking water, hot drinks, return transfers to the boat from Hanimaadhoo Airport, dives, experienced English-speaking divemaster(s) (10 divers per guide), tanks, weights and weight belts, Maldivian Bed Tax and GST.

Excludes: Snacks, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, nitrox fills for enriched air certified divers (if available) (all dives with nitrox is approx US$ 66), scuba equipment and torches (not available for rent on this boat), dive computer, dive insurance. Unless otherwise stated, all the listed items need to be paid on arrival: on board payments in cash (Euros and US dollars) not credit cards.

If this tickles your fancy (and who’s fancy wouldn’t be so tickled?) and you want to enquire further about making MV Amba a reality for you, then give Dive The World a shout. Contact Dive The World on +66 (0)83 505 7794 or send us an email

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30% off July Liveaboard – Southern Maldives

19th May 2014

Do you fancy a fantastic liveaboard experience this July in the Indian Ocean paradise that is the Maldives ?

MY Sheena liveaboard in the Maldives

Then act now and secure your place on the highly respected Maldives liveaboard MY Sheena.

Get a whopping 30% off!

Yes you can make a massive saving and get to dive in some of the finest sites that this atoll chain has to offer.

Most trips focus on the central Maldives region so choosing an itinerary like this ensures you will be getting away from the crowds and diving incredible sites without large number of other divers or other boats in the area.

Maldives Southern Atolls – 13th – 20th July 2014
(Book before 20th June 2014)
Itinerary: Meemu, Laamu and Thaa atolls.
Standard: Was US$ 1,889 (EUR 1,380) Now US$ 1,322 (EUR 966)
Save US$ 1,134 per couple!
Deluxe: Was US$ 1,985 (EUR 1,450) Now US$ 1,389 (EUR 1,015)
Save US$ 1,192 per couple!

Find out more about this trip, the facilities on board the Maldives liveaboard MY Sheena and what the price includes and excludes..

Contact Dive The World right away on +66 (0)83 505 7794 or send us an email.

Note: All prices quoted are per diver sharing and are subject to availability and currency fluctuations. Currency rate is correct at time of publishing.

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Tauchen Mexiko – Specials & Last Minute-Angebote

17th May 2014

Letzte Aktualisierung: 17 May 2014

Dies ist der Ort für alle die neuesten Angebote über das Tauchen in Mexiko – Vorbestellungsangebote, Sonderpreise und Last-Minute Preise auf Mexiko Tauchsafaris …sie werden alle hier zu finden sein, sobald wir davon hören.

Mit den USA im Norden und Guatemala und Belize im Südosten, erstreckt sich Mexiko über ein riesiges Gebiet mit vielen verschiedenen Land-und Seegebieten. Südlich des US-Bundesstaates Kalifornien, streckt der lange Finger der Halbinsel Niederkalifornien aus, wo Taucher auf die Golf von Kalifornien (auch Cortes-See) und die Socorro Inseln zugreifen können. Es ist dieser Teil von Mexiko, wo Sie alle Tauchsafari Betreiber finden.

Die Specials unten, stellen eine Auswahl derzeit laufender spezieller Angebote für dieses Reiseziel dar. Vielleicht haben wir weitere Angebote Last-Minute-Natur zur Verfügung. Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns für weitere Informationen, wenn Sie die Reise und das Tauchen kurzfristig planen.

Nützliche Mexiko Tauchen Links

 Sende uns eine Tauch-Anfrage

Infos, Preise und Reservierungen für Hotels in Mexiko und Weltweit (Öffnet sich in neuem Fenster)

Zurück zum Last-Minute- und Tauchangebote Index >> 

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Divers find Ancient skeleton in Mexican cave

16th May 2014

Check out this extraordinary find in a cave in Mexico where divers came across the skeleton of a teenage girl from 12,000 years ago. Wow! And there’s more:

‘Cave divers chanced upon the girl’s skeleton, along with the bones of sabre-tooth cats, giant ground sloths and cave bears, in a vast water-filled cavern they discovered while exploring a submerged network of tunnels reached from a sinkhole in the Yucatan jungle.’

The divers ascending with a 12,000 year old skull

It is believed she may have entered the cave in the search for drinking water and fallen into the 40 m deep cave (in the same way as the other animals) and broken her pelvis. Everybody knows that Mexico is one of the world’s premier dive destinations but most recreational scuba divers stick to the amazing liveaboards of the pacific cost or the Caribbean sea. These 3 divers were doing something way beyond recreational scuba limits:

‘…the trio had entered a crystal-clear pool that fed into the cave system. After swimming along a flooded tunnel for more than a kilometre, the cavern opened up before them… As the divers explored the cavern, they spotted a human skull perched on a ledge among some other bones. “It was a small cranium laying upside down with a perfect set of teeth and dark eye sockets looking back at us. The skull was resting on its humerus [an upper arm bone] and we could see the rest of the upper torso spread to the left and down on the ledge”.’

We can’t promise you historically significant skeletons if you book with us to dive Mexico, but we can promise you an awesome diving holiday. Our main recommendation for recreational divers is not kilometre long cave tunnels, but the expanse of the pacific ocean where pretty fantastic liveaboards bring you to breath-taking places like Socorro and Guadalupe island. Contact Dive The World right away on +66 (0)83 505 7794 or send us an email.

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BBC cover Cocos marine protection

13th May 2014

It is 1 thing to declare an area a national marine park or a marine protected area. It is quite another to enforce the rules and regulations created to protect the marine environment. Some of our most precious marine resources appear to be heavily protected, but the struggle to prevent breaches is a difficult and ongoing one.

Interesting to see this BBC article about the struggle to enforce fishing restrictions around the divers’ dream destination – Cocos Island in Costa Rica.

Confronting a suspect in the protected waters of Cocos island

‘Nowadays the pirates are fishermen and they have been stripping the sea of sharks and tuna. Cocos attracts fish because it sits on top of an underwater mountain chain that forces up nutrients from the deep ocean. The island’s waters are a globally important hotspot for sharks, as I witnessed on an extraordinary night dive.

“It’s very frustrating,” Ranger Chinchilla tells me. “The fishers just sit on the edge of the no-take zone. We can’t be patrolling everywhere at the same time.”Sometimes four boats will be dropping long lines (baited with hooks which catch tuna, dolphins and turtles) to drift through the zone. But we only have the capacity to haul in two of the lines”.’

The beautiful Cocos liveaboard MV Argo

You can help by visiting Cocos on your next dive trip. The contributions you make both directly, in the form of the marine park fee and indirectly by encouraging the powers-that-be to view Cocos as a valuable eco-tourism asset, can help to make a difference. Of course you will also have an outrageously memorable liveaboard trip to one of the planet’s most sought after destinations!

There are also some pretty amazing special offers available for Cocos liveaboards these days. So if you can act soon you can treat yourself to a trip to divers’ paradise and make considerable savings.

Contact Dive The World right away on +66 (0)83 505 7794 or send us an email.

Full story: Costa Rica: Radars of the lost shark

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New flights – North Sulawesi to Raja Ampat

12th May 2014

Great news for lovers of diving in Indonesia.

If a scuba holiday in Raja Ampat has been on your list of things to do for a while, then it is now even more convenient to make it to Sorong…

New Garuda flights from 20 May 2014
Manado – Sorong, GA 470, 04:50 – 07:15
Sorong – Manado, GA 471, 12:40 – 13:00
TUE, WED, FRI, SUN – 4 flights a week

The beautiful Raja Ampat islands

The time is now. Only you can decide to give yourself the wonderful gift of a liveaboard in paradise. Imagine the memories! Standing on the bow as it cuts through the clear blue water – encounters with vibrantly coloured creatures big and small – good food – good company. Sounds like something you need!

Contact Dive The World right away on +66 (0)83 505 7794 or send us an email.

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Have you been to Komodo yet? It is a great liveaboard destination…

12th May 2014

Komodo is considered among the finest liveaboard destinations in the world, and with good reason!

Not only is the marine life around Komodo fabulous, but the topside scenery is awesome and the island visits include unforgettable encounters with the legendary Komodo dragons. Not many dive spots can promise that! Komodo liveaboards can deliver all of this and more.

So if you feel the need to treat yourself to an awesome diving holiday and you haven’t been to Komodo then make it happen, now! Contact Dive The World right away on +66 (0)83 505 7794 or send us an email.

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OceanQuest Barrier Reef specials

10th May 2014

Check out the discounts to be had this May on short hops to dive the Great Barrier Reef.

Great Barrier Reef scuba liveaboard OceanQuest

If you are a novice diver or are short on time or budget then you can get a little flavour of the GBR by joining a short OceanQuest itinerary to the Outer Barrier Reef. If you have 2 or 3 days to spare then this OceanQuest offer could be ideal for you. You need only book 3 days in advance to save $$$:

2 Day / 1 Night Liveaboard
Certified Diver: only US$ 420 (AU$ 450) – SAVE US$ 65!
Snorkeller: only US$ 375 (AU$ 400) – SAVE US$ 47!

3 Day / 2 Night Liveaboard
Certified Diver: only US$ 562 (AU$ 600) – SAVE US$ 94!
Snorkeller: only US$ 468 (AU$ 500) – SAVE US$ 75!

We'll keep you abreast of all the hot specials on Australia liveaboards

Cruise price per person includes: Cabin accommodation with air-conditioning, breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinking water, hot drinks, Cairns city transfers to boat (excluding from northern beaches), dives (as detailed in the trips above), tanks, weights, weightbelts, dive equipment.

Cruise price per person excludes (where applicable): Soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, towels (bring your own), snacks, torches, dive insurance (recommended), reef and port authority fee US$ 18 per person per day.

So if you are in the area and want to get wet on the mother of all barrier reefs then make it happen, now! Contact Dive The World right away on +66 (0)83 505 7794 or send us an email.

Note: Prices quoted above exclude reef tax which is an additional $20 per day. All prices quoted are per diver sharing and subject to currency fluctuations. Currency rate correct at time of publishing. Special offers apply to new bookings only.

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10 reasons to dive the Sea of Cortez

3rd May 2014

Mexico’s Pacific coast is one of the world’s richest marine regions and among divers-in-the-know it is right up there with the top scuba spots on the planet. The thin stretch of water running down the east of the Baja Peninsula is the Sea of Cortez. You can join the excellent Mexico liveaboard Rocio del Mar to experience the very best of this area during the Sea of Cortez liveaboard season: July to October.

You can look forward to some amazing diving in the Sea of Cortez. Imagine seeing hammerhead sharks, manta rays and whale sharks alongside a fabulous array of cetaceans: dolphins, killer whales, pilot whales, porpoises and even sperm whales and humpback whales.

Need some more reasons to make this your next dive trip? Here are some reasons…


So come on! Act now. It isn’t going to happen unless you make it happen. Create some awesome diving memories in 2014. Contact Dive The World right away on +66 (0)83 505 7794 or send us an email.

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