New flights – North Sulawesi to Raja Ampat

Great news for lovers of diving in Indonesia.

If a scuba holiday in Raja Ampat has been on your list of things to do for a while, then it is now even more convenient to make it to Sorong…

New Garuda flights from 20 May 2014
Manado – Sorong, GA 470, 04:50 – 07:15
Sorong – Manado, GA 471, 12:40 – 13:00
TUE, WED, FRI, SUN – 4 flights a week

The beautiful Raja Ampat islands

The time is now. Only you can decide to give yourself the wonderful gift of a liveaboard in paradise. Imagine the memories! Standing on the bow as it cuts through the clear blue water – encounters with vibrantly coloured creatures big and small – good food – good company. Sounds like something you need!

Contact Dive The World right away on +66 (0)83 505 7794 or send us an email.

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Have you been to Komodo yet? It is a great liveaboard destination…

Komodo is considered among the finest liveaboard destinations in the world, and with good reason!

Not only is the marine life around Komodo fabulous, but the topside scenery is awesome and the island visits include unforgettable encounters with the legendary Komodo dragons. Not many dive spots can promise that! Komodo liveaboards can deliver all of this and more.

So if you feel the need to treat yourself to an awesome diving holiday and you haven’t been to Komodo then make it happen, now! Contact Dive The World right away on +66 (0)83 505 7794 or send us an email.

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10 reasons to dive the Sea of Cortez

Mexico’s Pacific coast is one of the world’s richest marine regions and among divers-in-the-know it is right up there with the top scuba spots on the planet. The thin stretch of water running down the east of the Baja Peninsula is the Sea of Cortez. You can join the excellent Mexico liveaboard Rocio del Mar to experience the very best of this area during the Sea of Cortez liveaboard season: July to October.

You can look forward to some amazing diving in the Sea of Cortez. Imagine seeing hammerhead sharks, manta rays and whale sharks alongside a fabulous array of cetaceans: dolphins, killer whales, pilot whales, porpoises and even sperm whales and humpback whales.

Need some more reasons to make this your next dive trip? Here are some reasons…


So come on! Act now. It isn’t going to happen unless you make it happen. Create some awesome diving memories in 2014. Contact Dive The World right away on +66 (0)83 505 7794 or send us an email.

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Change of web address Dive The World Liveaboards

I heard the news today oh boy! There has been an important change in the world of diving… Our liveaboards website address has changed. has changed to

…so if you have this page (or any other page from this site) bookmarked or in your favourites, please change it to the new one.


Not everything has changed however. We are still the place to go for the most comprehensive liveaboard information out there.

Check the dates and the itineraries, what’s included and what’s not, what facilities are available in the boats and in the cabins, exhaustive tourist information and often even 1st hand trip reports.

Have you used our liveaboard search feature yet?

You can check what possible destinations and itineraries are open to you when you next have time off to dive. Our online calendar of departures is the most reliable resource there is and saves a lot of time scouring the internet for the information you need.

If you have the desire to dive in 2014 then let us know. Together we will work out an unforgettable trip for you. It will only happen if you make it happen! Contact your buddies at Dive The World know right away on +66 (0)83 505 7794 or send us an email.

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Unusual Marine Encounter in Mexico!

“…better than a slap in the face with a wet fish” so the saying goes. Yes, yes we know a whale is not a fish, but…check out this video footage

Whale face Have you ever thought about diving in Mexico? Well there is a lot of reasons why you should

So go ahead, ask us about diving in Mexico and let us make your dreams come true!

Contact Dive The World right away! Call us on +66 (0)83 505 7794 or send us an email.

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Dive The World January newsletter

It is already 2014. Will the next 12 months hold plenty of excitement in store for you? A new romance? Financial windfall? Lots of fun and laughter? Well you can help make sure the last one happens by planning now for an amazing 2014 diving holiday.

Descend into the bath-warm waters of the Dive The World newsletter and give yourself a taste of what could be in store: exotic travel, beautiful scenery, incredible underwater encounters, and memories to linger long in the mind. It will only happen if you make it happen…

Diving with dolphins in SocorroDive News:
• What’s new at Dive The World? Come and see

• What’s coming up on the diving horizon?
• Are you a single traveller?
• Belize Trip Report: Belize Aggressor
• Creature Feature: Nudibranchs

Come and check out all the goodies of our fun-packed January newsletter

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Cocos Island Special Offers and Last Minute Deals

Last Updated By Gavin Macaulay on: 21 Feb 2014

Planning a dream dive vacation? Then Cocos Island should be very high on your list of options. This magical destination guarantees to deliver some of the best diving in the world. Dive The World has some great Cocos liveaboards special offers available right now and we’ve put them all together for you here.

Diving in Cocos Island with scalloped hammerhead sharks - photo courtesy of Avi Klapfer, Undersea Hunter Undoubtedly one of the top dive destinations in the world; the remote Cocos Island is world famous for the immense schools of scalloped hammerheads. The reefs here are apparently quite nice but with all the big fish action, divers rarely get a chance to look! The list of shark species that can be regularly spotted here is impressive; Galapagos, silky, tiger, blacktip, silvertip, guitar sharks and most notably whitetip reef sharks can be seen on every dive site.

The submerged seamount of Bajo Alcyone attract manta rays, eagle rays, enormous whale sharks as well as the usual suspects. The diving here is simply breathtaking, guaranteed to be a dive vacation that’s impossible to forget. So send us an email now and the let the experts arrange the trip of a lifetime!

We offer you only high standard Cocos liveaboards, all offering exceptional service. You could also treat yourself to a once-in-a-lifetime deep submarine adventure onboard the Amazing DeepSee Submersible Tour and dive deeper than ever before!

So what are you waiting for? Have a look now at our Diving Cocos Island – Specials & Last Minute Deals and make that dream trip happen for less!

Useful Cocos Island Diving Links

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Save US$300 This Summer on Board of MY Blue Honors Legacy

  • Last updated: 07 May 2014
    Here is the latest liveaboard to make it on to the smorgasbord of diving options presented by Dive The World: Exciting new Maldives liveaboard MY Blue Honors Legacy.

    Maldives liveaboard MY Blue Honors Legacy

    There is an incredible special offer for the trips departing in May, July and August. Act quickly and you can save $$$ and hop on board this exciting new liveaboard option. What are you waiting for? You can save up to US$300! Or even more if you bring your dive buddies with you!

    MV Blue Honors Legacy: Special Offer

    Book one of the trips on this new liveaboard scheduled in May, July and August 2014 and get US$ 300 off!

    8 Days 7 Nights 25 Dives
    Superior twin/double bed cabin: Was US$ 1,785
    Now US$ 1,485 per person
    Ocean View double bed suite: Was US$ 2,170
    Now US$ 1,870 per person
    Save US$ 300 per person!

    Chilling on MY Blue Honors Legacy

    MY Blue Honors Legacy is a new medium budget Maldives liveaboard that runs a variety of itineraries. While most boats do the same trips week in week out, this one does many different itineraries, even within the central atolls region. You can also join specialist manta ray trips in season, or choose one of the itineraries that venture to the north or south of the archipelago.

    MY Blue Honors Legacy accommodates a relatively small number of divers (18) on a boat with touches of luxury like a jacuzzi, free WiFi and an onboard spa making it a likely favourite for many divers giving themselves the gift of a Maldives liveaboard adventure.

    So go on, dive into the welcoming warm Maldivian waters at un unbeatable price! Contact Dive The World right away! Call us on +66 (0)83 505 7794 or send us an email.

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    Fiji Special Offers and Last Minute Deals

    Last Updated By Gavin Macaulay on: 11 Jan 2014

    Thinking of immersing yourself in warm, azure waters? Then why not try the incredible diving in Fiji? Take a look at some of the great special offers that Dive The World has put together for you here and you could soon be diving in the clear waters of the South Pacific.

    pic-fiji-islands-sailing Fiji is a wonderfully diverse diving destination, from adrenaline rich shark feed dives at Viti Levu to the mesmerising reefs at the soft coral capital of the world in Taveuni and the Koro Sea. For those who want to avoid travel time the dive sites around Beqa Lagoon are superb. For the more adventurous a trip to the “real” Fiji at Kadavu with it’s pristine reefs, submerged pinnacles and manta ray cleaning stations could be for you.

    Dive The World have a superb choice of Fiji dive resorts right here for you to choose from. Alternatively if you really want to get away from it all and get the most out of your dive time take a look at our great selection of Fiji liveaboard trips.

    So take a look now at our Diving Fiji – Specials & Last Minute Deals and get more for your money when you enjoy some great Fiji diving!

    Useful Fiji Diving Links

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    The BBC feature Mexico’s Socorro island

    Excellent video of The BBC on a Socorro liveaboard!

    See why Mexico is our newest destination and learn about the areas chances of becoming UNESCO World Heritage protected.

    Diving with dolphins in Socorro

    Interesting clip about “Mexico’s Galapagos” by John McIntyre – The BBC’s guy for all things underwater. He also did Dive The World’s Red Sea diving videos.

    Join him on board MV Solmar V as he dives around some of the best sites in Mexico’s Pacific. Further evidence that this is a destination on the rise and a must-do for any serious scuba diving enthusiast.

    If you want to sample this great diving destination onboard the MV Solmar V, then contact Dive The World for more information on +66 (0)83 505 7794 or send us an email.

    Ensure you are kept up-to-date with the latest diving news and special offers, subscribe to our e-news now!

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    Australia Special Offers and Last Minute Deals

    Last Updated By Gavin Macaulay on: 23 December 2013

    Do you want to dive one of the seven natural wonders of the world? Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is a fantastic playground for divers and Dive The World has some great opportunities for you here.

    Minke whales can be seen on the Ribbon Reefs-photo courtesy of Mike Ball With such a large area to dive the “GBR” marine park can be a daunting prospect. To help make life easier Dive The World has selected only the very best barrier reef liveaboards. This diving paradise has a huge range of environments which attracts a multitude of species. Huge manta rays can be seen at the pristine Osprey Reef and the shark feed at North Horn is an adrenaline packed dive that is not to be missed.

    The Ribbon Reefs along the outer barrier reef are a magnet for large pelagics and at the right time of year you may be fortunate enough to get the once over from curious minke whales. These reefs are also loaded with dozens of colourful nudibranchs, so rationing your time between the reef and the blue can be tricky! So what are you waiting for? Tell us when you wish to go and we’ll do the rest!

    Dive The World can provide you with an excellent range of Australian liveaboards to choose from all offering great facilities and a high level of service.

    So now is the time! Check out our Diving Australia – Specials & Last Minute Deals and make that trip Down Under come true!

    Useful Australia Diving Links

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    Save on your scuba and spa on Scubaspa Ying!

    US$ 100 Discount Voucher!

    Among Maldives liveaboards there is a new kid in town. A new kid that promises to deliver everything that the diver/non-diver couple could want. Week long cruises around the best dive sites of Maldives central atolls now keep 1 company (doing 2 dives a day) and the other happy and relaxed by receiving professional spa treatments (2 a day).

    Scubaspa Ying cutting a fine figure in the Maldives

    If you book soon not only will your partner be thrilled with you, but you can also take advantage of our US$ 100 Dive The World Discount Voucher. Book before the 20 January 2014 to receive this great bonus.

    So now couples where 1 dives and the other doesn’t need not be stranded on a hot sand-spit resort with 5 average dive sites nearby. Ditch the resort, book Scubaspa Ying and have both your needs met on a luxurious cruise.

    Dive The World has the following special offer for you:
    Scubaspa Ying – Discount Voucher Offer!

    Book your cruise on this new liveaboard by 20 January 2014 and get a US$ 100 Discount Voucher off your next dive vacation with Dive The World!

    This offer can be used in addition to other special offers including your Dive The World returning customer 5% discount. Voucher is transferable.

    One of the spa treatment rooms on Scubaspa Ying

    Includes: Cabin accommodation with air-conditioning, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, drinking water, soft drinks, hot drinks, WiFi, classes such as meditation, yoga, pilates, island excursions, return transfers to the boat from Male Airport, 12 dives or 12 treatments (or 6 dives and 6 treatments), snorkelling equipment, experienced English-speaking divemaster(s) (5 divers per guide), tanks, weights and weightbelts, torches.

    Excludes (where applicable): Alcoholic drinks, mini-bar, scuba equipment US$ 180 per week, dive computer, dive insurance (mandatory), Unless otherwise stated, all the listed items need to be paid on arrival.
    See here for the discount voucher Terms and Conditions.

    Thai pavilion on the sundeck of Scubaspa Ying

    If you want to experience outstanding pampering, awesome diving and get a great discount on your next trip then book now on the big and sexy Scubaspa Ying. Contact Dive The World for more information on +66 (0)83 505 7794 or send us an email.

    Ensure you are kept up-to-date with the latest diving news and special offers,subscribe to our e-news now!

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